The Dark Knight found himself with a set of flashing red and blue lights behind him recently in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. It appears Batman was pulled over by a police officer, but not for breaking the law.

The man, who takes his role as Batman very seriously, is Stephen Lawrence and he's assumed the role of the province's superhero for years. An Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer spotted Lawrence driving his Batmobile and first stopped him for a basic license check, Global News reported last Wednesday. However, the officer then pulled him over once more, but this time, it was for a selfie.

Lawrence said he also asked the officer to help him with a few motorists recording and taking photos of him while driving. 

“I noticed that I was being tailed by a couple of cameras—I can tell when there are recordings happening of me driving—so I noticed at a stoplight that a vehicle…was an OPP cruiser,” Lawrence told Global News. “I took advantage of this. I pulled up beside the cruiser in the left turn lane and asked the officer to give me a hand with the cameras behind me. The officer said yes they can.”

The officer obliged by pulling over Batman a second time, and this time asked for the selfie. "If you start to pace beside me, it means that both of us can be put in jeopardy if something were to happen,” Lawrence said of drivers trying to capture Batman. He added he's always happy to take photos with people, but would rather drivers put their phones down.

Although Lawrence was first concerned that he may get the officer in trouble for the selfie, the OPP saluted the traffic stop as an act of "building community relations."

We're most interested in what Lawrence has done to a donor car to make his Batmobile, which absolutely looks the part. Alas, Batman is a reclusive hero, and we'll likely never know. Have a look at the second traffic stop in the video above.