Video gamers will have a curious new driving title to explore with "The Grand Tour." Amazon Game Studios announced the game and released a short teaser video of it on Tuesday.

It's unclear what exactly the premise of the game is, but the teaser video explains, "If you’ve ever wanted to be Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond or James May without the inconvenience of becoming tired and breathless and always followed around by two other middle-aged men, your dreams are about to come true." It seems the game will focus on giving players the opportunity to play some of the show's wildest stunts and driving sequences without the multi-million dollar budget.

When the game is released, players will be dropped into the fun from the episodes of seasons one and two of Amazon's irreverent car show. A season pass will unlock new cars, locations, and stunts that follow each episode of season 3. An initial purchase will be required for the game, and then a subsequent purchase will unlock the rest of the game's content throughout season 3. The game's official website adds that players can play as Clarkson, Hammond, or May with each new episode of season 3.

The trailer shows some rather dated graphics that surely don't harness the power of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though a disclaimer notes the sequences are from a pre-Alpha version of the game. However, the creators aren't pawning the game off as a substitute for "Forza Motorsport" or "Gran Turismo," either. The fun likely comes as a combination of the cool cars and the humor of the show/game's hosts.

We have a few more months to see if the "The Grand Tour" game is good fun. Season 3 of the Amazon Prime original series will likely release sometime this fall with the arriving alongside the season premiere.