Tesla's Model S and Model X haven't been put on the back burner as the electric car brand focuses on the Model 3.

According to images published by Electrek on Monday, both the larger sedan and SUV models are in for interior refreshes. (Current Model S interior shown.)

Hopefully fans and buyers believe the spartan interior found in the Model 3 is an appealing look because the Model S and Model X are on deck to receive similar treatment. The images show a horizontal touchscreen unit that replaces the vertical screen seen in the Model S and X from the beginning. The unit appears thinner than the Model 3's screen with ultra-thin bezels. The cockpit also sees the Model 3's single-vent design implemented and the center gauge cluster removed in favor of a minimalist display readout.

Even though the interior looks less luxurious than we've come to know from the Model S and Model X electric cars, the refresh will reportedly bring more premium materials, new seat cushions, additional front storage, and a wireless phone charger. Electrek said the refresh is also geared toward self-driving car functionality and an effort to play catch up with other premium brands. This past week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said future cars from the automaker will be akin to K.I.T.T. with artificial intelligence and other technologies.

We shouldn't take the images at face value, though. The designs are reportedly a year from production and things could change in the next 12 months. In the near future, Tesla also has plans to launch the Model 3 Short Range variant, a Model Y electric crossover, the Tesla Semi, a second-generation Roadster, and reportedly has plans to build a pickup truck. During the automaker's quarterly earnings call, Musk promised the company will turn a profit in the third quarter of 2018.