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  • 2020 Tesla Model S

    With its latest software update, Tesla's range-topping Model S will hit 60 mph in 2.41 seconds and pass the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds at 128 mph.

  • Victoria, Australia, Tesla Model X police car
    Tesla Model X joins Australian police fleet

    A Tesla Model X in the state of Victoria is the first electric police car in Australia.

  • 2019 Tesla Model S
    Double down: Tesla Model S and X now go further with up to 370 miles of range

    Tesla's updates for the 2019 Model S and Model X include an increase in range for both models including as much as 370 miles for the Model S.

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S, X to receive spartan Model 3 interior design

    Tesla's Model S and Model X haven't been put on the back burner as the electric car brand focuses on the Model 3. According to images published by Electrek on Monday, both the larger sedan and SUV models are in for interior refreshes. (Current Model S interior shown.) Hopefully fans and buyers...

  • Tesla Model X in Boring Company tunnel
    Boring Company runs Tesla Model X in prototype tunnel

    The Boring Company tunnels will fit a Tesla Model X electric car. That's the latest bit of news from Elon Musk's underground adventure. The company posted a short video (taken vertically...) of a Model X moving through a tunnel on what appears to be the "skates" that propel the car. It's important...

  • Tesla Enhanced Autopilot
    Investigators say Tesla Autopilot sped up before fatal Model X crash

    Federal investigators said Thursday that a Tesla Model X traveling on Autopilot in California sped up before crashing into an highway barrier, killing its driver and striking two other cars. A preliminary report was made available by the National Transportation Safety Board detailing the moments...

  • Tesla sets world record towing Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

    Tesla has set a new Guinness World Record. One of the automaker's Model X crossover SUVs towed a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for 987 feet to become the heaviest tow by a production passenger electric vehicle. The attempt took place in Melbourne, Australia with help from the country's national carrier Qantas. According to Qantas, the passenger jet weighs a hefty 286,600 pounds with minimal fuel left in the tanks. To be clear, the figure is far beyond the Model X's tow rating of 5,112 pounds. Tesla isn't the first to tackle a major towing job. Porsche previously set its own record after a Cayenne...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    All-wheel drive now standard on Tesla Model S, Model X

    Buyers looking at a brand new Tesla Model S or Model X will no longer have to choose between rear- or all-wheel drive. Tesla announced in its December newsletter that both vehicles will arrive with standard all-wheel drive, Carscoops first reported on Thursday. That leaves all future Model S and...

  • 2017 Tesla Model X
    AAA hikes Tesla insurance rates due to higher than average number of claims

    Tesla owners carrying policies through AAA aren't going to like this news: rates are going up. AAA determined the Tesla Model S and Model X are both affected by abnormally high claim rates. In turn, AAA could raise rates up to 30 percent. Tesla has disputed the analysis by AAA and said the data is...

  • Tesla Supercharger site in Newburgh, New York, up and running - June 2015
    Tesla reinstates free Supercharging for existing owners

    Good guy Tesla has had a change of heart. Following news the company would begin charging for Supercharger station use, Elektrek reports Tesla will extend free charging to all existing owners. That means one of the greatest perks of owning a Tesla has once again returned. Tesla's original plan was...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    Tesla issues recall for 53,000 Model S, Model X over parking brake issue

    Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of some 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles because the parking brake may remain stuck and engaged. This marks the electric vehicle automaker's first recall of 2017. Green Car Reports states the vehicles potentially affected by the sticking parking brake were...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S
    Tesla Model S, Model X 100Ds see price hikes

    Customers mulling over the purchase of one of Tesla's performance-oriented 100D and P100D models best act quickly. The automaker has confirmed it will be increasing prices for the Model S and Model X range-toppers. The price shuffling follows Tesla decision to decrease the price for its base Model...

  • 2017 Tesla Model S

    Ever since last August’s introduction of a 100-kilowatt-hour battery in its Model S P100D, it was known that Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] would eventually offer a 100D minus the larger and more powerful rear motor of the P100D to boost range even further. Tesla has now finally added the 100D to its website and revealed that the car should have an EPA-rated range of 335 miles. The Model X also has a 100D variant whose claimed range is 295 miles. It means the Model S 100D and Model X 100D deliver 20 and 6 more miles of range than their respective P100D variants. It also means that Tesla continues to...

  • 2016 Tesla Model S P100D in ‘Ludicrous Plus’ mode
    Tesla ‘Ludicrous Plus’ mode slashes Model S P100D 0-60 mph time to below 2.5 s

    Tesla’s [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S P100D was already the quickest car to 60 mph currently on sale, but the Californian company has released a software tweak that unleashes even more performance. The software tweak is part of Tesla’s most recent over-the-air software update and, when the...

  • Watch the Faraday Future FF 91 do 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds
    Watch the Faraday Future FF 91 do 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds

    Electric car startup Faraday Future on Tuesday unveiled its first car, the FF 91. The luxury SUV, which makes its official debut on January 5 at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, is still officially a concept, though it points to the design and performance buyers can expect when sales eventually...

  • Faraday Future electric car takes on Ferrari 488 GTB in drag race
    Faraday Future electric car quicker than Ferrari 488, Tesla Model X

    Just weeks out from the debut of its first model at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, electric car startup Faraday Future has released a video that shows the car taking on the Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 488 GTB and Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] Model X P100D in a series of drag races. FF is...

  • Tesla Model S P100D
    Tesla Model S P100D 0-60 time drops to 2.4 s with software tweak

    The Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S P100D is already the quickest car you can currently buy. Soon, it will be even quicker. Earlier in November, CEO Elon Musk revealed that an “Easter egg” was coming that would unlock the car’s full performance. Yes, the 0-60 mph sprint in 2.5 seconds...

  • Tesla Model X by Unplugged Performance, 2016 SEMA show
    Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance reveals modified Model X at SEMA

    Californian tuner Unplugged Performance burst on the scene in 2014 with a range of upgrades for the Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S. This is a company that specializes in Tesla products and deals primarily with aesthetic mods. Unplugged Performance is now turning its attention to the Model X and on...

  • 2016 Tesla Model X

    Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] in mid-July announced the entry-level 60D option for the Model X. Its arrival helped bring the price of entry for the electric SUV down to $75,200. Just three months later, the 60D is no longer available, meaning the entry-level Model X is now the 75D, which starts at $86,700. Both figures include Tesla’s standard $1,200 destination charge. Tesla has quickly dropped slow-selling options in the past, and the same is likely true for the 60D option on the Model X. Crucially, it allows the automaker to allocate its limited production capacity to more profitable models...

  • Tesla 8.0 software update
    Here’s what’s new with Tesla's 8.0 software update

    Tesla [NSDQ:TSLA] on Wednesday started beaming out its version 8.0 over-the-air software update to its customers’ Model S and Model X vehicles. As the company outlined in a September 11 blog post, the update changes hundreds of functions in the vehicles, the most important of which have to do...

  • 2016 Tesla Model S
    Tesla P100D option for Model S, Model X show up in Dutch database

    Type approval for the Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S and Model X in Europe reveal that the next step up in performance for the popular electric sedan and SUV will be in the form of a 100-kilowatt-hour battery. As first discovered by enthusiast website Kenteken, the Dutch government’s...

  • 2016 Tesla Model X
    Tesla Model X now priced from $75,200 thanks to 60D option

    It’s now easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] Model X thanks to the addition of a new 60D option. Tesla announced the 60-kilowatt-hour, dual-motor option for its electric SUV on Tuesday. The option is already available for order, with anyone placing an order...

  • 2016 Tesla Model X P90D after crash while owner was parking  [photo: owner 'Puzant']
    Model X accelerating out of parking spot was driver error, says Tesla

    A Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] Model X owner while recently parking his electric SUV ending up crashing into a nearby building. The owner, who goes by the name “Puzant” on Tesla’s official forum, claimed the car, which was only five days old, accelerated by itself. Tesla on Monday...

  • 2016 Tesla Model X
    Musk: Software fix coming for Model X doors

    Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk says a software update to be released by the automaker soon will fix a host of problems related to the "falcon wing" doors that are a signature feature of its Model X crossover. Since its launch, the Model X has been plagued with complaints from consumers...

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