Rolls-Royce is almost ready to unveil its first-ever SUV—ahem, high-sided vehicle—and the automaker is clearly excited.

After last week confirming the Cullinan name, Rolls-Royce on Wednesday revealed a pair of automatic tailgate seats that would be perfect for watching the kid's soccer game; or for the few owners who may actually take their Cullinans off-road, for sitting back and enjoying the view after a long drive.

Rolls-Royce has managed to come up with the name Viewing Suite for its tailgate seats. A distinct name is perhaps appropriate considering there's also a table between the seats, and not just any table but a cocktail table. Furthermore, everything is bound in leather, and owners need only push a button to deploy the seats or fold them away.

Rolls-Royce says a deep understanding of its customers' lifestyles and expectations is what prompted it to install the seats in the Cullinan. And there are more features to come. The automaker says the seats are just the first of several special touches from its Bespoke personalization department that have been developed for the Cullinan. Perhaps other items will include hand-made shopping bag hooks crafted from the finest plastic to keep all the groceries in place after a Whole Foods run.

All jokes aside, the Cullinan is shaping up to be a seriously luxurious SUV. It will be the second model based on the Rolls-Royce-exclusive aluminum spaceframe architecture that debuted last year in the eighth-generation Phantom. Expect the SUV to also borrow the Phantom's 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V-12, which delivers 563 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. Unique to the Cullinan should be an all-wheel-drive system, though.