Jay Leno kicks off this latest video with some wise words. He wants to slow things down and focus on a vehicle with a bit less horsepower than he's used to, but a hefty dose of style.

This week the featured machine at Jay Leno's Garage is a 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe. It's a classically cool cruiser that's been lovingly cared for and maintained.

The stance is perfect. British Racing Green paint work is always the right choice on an older Jag, and the overall aura of the car is immediately appealing. It's no wonder that owner Christopher Glancy wound up calling this XJ his own. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Glancy went through a run of American muscle car ownership before settling on this beautiful bit of British iron.

Jaguar has been producing a car with the XJ nameplate since 1968. Chris' 1975 example is a second-generation car, which is typically referred to as a Series II. These were offered with a choice of inline-6 or V-12 engines. Glancy's car is fitted with the 6-cylinder, which might just be one of the cleanest versions you'll find in an older Jag. The engine bay is immaculate.

On the inside, a slightly modern looking steering wheel was swapped out in favor of the more fitting wood-rimmed tiller. It fits the character of the XJ. Our favorite part though is the lack of B-pillars. Anytime you have a coupe with rimless side glass and no pillar breaking up the lines, you wind up with a perfect profile. This XJ is no exception and would certainly make for an excellent cruising machine on a cool California Sunday afternoon.

Grab a cup of tea. Click play on the video above. Then sit back and smile as Jay takes in all aspects of a clean old Jag coupe.