Polestar was only spun off from Volvo last October but the performance brand for electric cars already has a plant under construction in China and now a headquarters being readied in Sweden.

Expected to be completed in September 2018, Polestar's headquarters will resemble a cube carved out of snow. One of its unique design features will be a white facade made entirely in glass to let around 60 percents of the sun's light permeate its way through. Responsible for the design is Swedish architectural firm Bornstein & Lyckefors.

The headquarters is located at the same site as Volvo's headquarters and main factory in the Gothenburg suburb of Torslanda. Around 200 people will eventually work there, up from 110 Polestar employees today. The headquarters will also house a display section for Polestar products.

Polestar may be headquartered in Sweden but its cars will all be made in China. Polestar's plant, which is under construction in Chengdu, China, where Volvo has a major plant, will be operational in 2019. The first model it will produce will be the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid coupe. Polestar has also confirmed a Polestar 2 electric sedan for 2019 and a Polestar 3 electric SUV for sometime around 2022.

Polestar will have its own stores, including here in the United States. However, the brand is hopeful buyers will flock to subscription-style ownership programs, something Volvo has just started doing with its Care by Volvo program.