Land Rover's fun department—which is officially called the Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (JLR SVO)—has built some incredible vehicles, but their latest creation for chef Jamie Oliver is quite over the top. Imagine every ounce of JLR SVO's potential being poured into amenities rather than performance—like the Jaguar XE SV Project 8—to give us this bespoke Land Rover Discovery with a built-in dream kitchen.

Oliver asked the luxury brands' skunkworks for a long list of kitchen goodies and they delivered on every single promise. The rear of the Discovery features a foldable kitchen worktop, which doubles as a dining table, and lets any meal happen on the go. But, it's the fundamental kitchen supplies built into the interior that really amaze. Oliver's Discovery kitchen features a rotisserie driven by the power take off, an olive oil dispenser, a slow-cooker that sits beside the engine, a pasta maker, a gas burner, and even an herb garden and spice rack in the rear windows. The Discovery also churns butter as it's driven, thanks to the unique wheels.

But, JLR SVO didn't stop there. A toaster is present in the center console, neatly hidden away otherwise, and the team fitted a flat-screen TV and aluminum sink to finish off the outrageous, yet seriously impressive, Discovery. Because, kitchen sink.

Oliver will feature the vehicle on his Food Tube channel on YouTube in a three-part video series, and you can see an introduction to the Discovery's build process in the video up above.