Any vintage Ferrari is worth massive piles of cash. It's no surprise that many of these cars are tucked away in climate-controlled spaces, and their work-of-art V-12 engines are often left to sit instead of firing to life and powering the rear wheels. Some owners, however, do take them out and use them as intended.

Such was the case recently when a Ferrari 275 GTB was taken for a spin around Spa-Francorchamps during a Ferrari track day. If you have a chance to drive on the famed Belgian racing circuit and it's raining, well you drive anyway, even if it's in a wildly valuable collector car.

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The 275 GTB is a wonderful machine, as you can see by the way its owner pressed on through the rainy conditions. Our heroic driver piloted the car safely around the circuit in the video above, but you can see the car hasn't been free of any incidents.

Watch closely toward the first 30 seconds of the clip. You'll notice that the beautiful fender lines aren't in great shape. This car has made contact with something. We can only hope it was with some other vintage racing machine, and the action occurred while both cars were being driven hard. That would be better than any minor mishap in a parking area. Well, minor might not be an appropriate word here...seeing as this specific car is reportedly worth around $2.5 million. Good thing it wasn't a NART Spyder with that fender damage