Los Angeles-based Workshop 5001 has a thing for old Porsches. The owner is a man named Marlon Goldberg, and he's brought a pair of classic 911s by the famous garage of comedian and television host Jay Leno.

Goldberg's company is an expert at restoring old German sports cars, particularly Porsches. The two 911s he's brought with him are proof positive that his company is good at what it does. One is a 1973 Porsche 911T while the other is a 1974 911.

Goldberg knows quite a bit about classic Porsches because he previously worked for Singer, another export Porsche restorer. Now he's off on his own doing his own thing.

At Workshop 5001, you can have an old 911 taken all the way down to its bare tub. Then it's about bringing the car back to life. The result of lots of hard work (and many, many dollars) will eventually surface. Once it does, the flat engine chortles to life and sings its glorious song.

Stay through to the end and you'll get to see Leno and Goldberg take the '74 911 out on L.A.'s streets. If you're a Porsche nerd, you're in for a real treat.