Is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles about to be purified after unleashing upon the world the Hellcat and Demon?

A trademark filing reveals that Fiat Chrysler has secured the rights to the Angel name in automotive applications.

As first discovered by Fiat Chrysler Authority, the filing was only registered on July 17 of this year, so if the name is intended for a car there may be quite a wait ahead of us until the reveal.

While the significance of the name’s trademark protection is certainly not lost upon us, we can’t be sure whether FCA is readying a car that will ultimately use it.

But with FCA’s Dodge brand preparing a replacement for the Challenger for the coming years, could there be a Angel-badged halo to fill the void of the Hellcat and Demon? We’re dying to find out.

Note, it’s still not clear what exactly Dodge has in store for its Challenger replacement. The current thinking is that Dodge is planning two cars. One is expected to be a direct replacement keeping the Challenger name, while the other is thought to be a lighter, more dynamic convertible called a Barracuda or Cuda--two names also protected by FCA recently. The first of these replacement models is expected for the 2020 model year.