For two years back in the mid 1960s, Honda produced a fun little sports car that wore the name S600. You could get it as a coupe or a roadster, and power was provided by a 606-cc flat 4-cylinder engine. It produced a mighty 57 horsepower, and nobody at the time thought of it as a drag car.

The Australian owner of the 1965 S600 featured here decided to up the power a bit on his own car, and now it makes 21 times more power.

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Gone is the little Honda engine that once sat between the fenders. In its place is a 2JZ Honda 4-cylinder that is breathing heavily through a massive turbo. How big? This is an 88-millimeter turbocharger that sits up and out of a cutout in the hood, inconveniently in the driver's line of sight.

Using that massive turbo and a host of other upgrades, this S600 now produces 1,200 horsepower. Riding on its 79-inch wheelbase, the car blasts down the quarter mile in as little as 7.7 seconds.

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Despite that short wheelbase, the car tracks perfectly straight, according to the builder and owner. While we would chalk that up to the miracle of the physics of proper camber, a look at a few of the runs in the video shows that it doesn't always track so straight. You'll notice a couple of references to the owner's maker on the car. That's probably wise, given how nuts he must be to drive this thing.

This has to be the most powerful Honda S600 on the planet. We'd have to imagine that no other S600 even comes close.


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