The new Bugatti Chiron is believed to have a top speed somewhere around the 280-mph mark. That two-toned beastly blur is limited to 261 mph, and it will cost you a handsome seven-figure sum to own. You could go faster, though, and for a bit less money. If you want proof of that just hop on a flight down south and take in the Texas Mile, because a Ford GT just set a new world record for the standing mile and nearly hit 300 mph in the process.

M2K Motorsports has created a twin-turbocharged monster that wears the skin of a Ford GT. On the Victoria, Texas, runway where it set out to do battle against other standing-mile speed freaks, it came out on top as the new king of the high-speed castle. From a stop, this Ford GT blasted down the airstrip and past the trap lights sitting a mile in the distance. The displays lit up as the car rocketed down the track. First was the quarter mile mph of 161.7, then the half mile at 219.5, and finally the lights shone brightly at the finish line with the numbers 293.6.

The previous record was 283.232 mph and it was set by another Ford GT back in 2012.

The car in question is beautiful, too, carrying the Heritage Edition paint scheme inspired by the Gulf livery from the 1960s. That paint alone is enough to make a first-generation Ford GT more valuable. We can't imagine how much money M2K Motorsports put into it to make it perform like this, but it certainly wasn't Chiron money.

Sure, the aforementioned Chiron will be a bit nicer inside and it's 1,480-horsepower W-16 will do plenty of damage to a mile strip of runway, but a Chiron driver would probably just be staring at the taillights of this Ford, should the two ever find themselves lined up side-by-side on a runway in Texas. 


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