Every year we get a new version of the same concept. It's a glimpse into a future that isn't here yet, but we do seem to be inching ever closer to it becoming reality. I'm talking about the flying car, and the newest one comes courtesy of a joint effort between two major names: Airbus and Italdesign.

It's a concept called the Pop.Up, and there's a slick video showing just how the craft is envisioned to operate. Basically, there's a skateboard-style lower attachment for traveling along the ground, and above this is a detachable pod with four rotors attached. And power comes from batteries and electric motors.

The future megacites where the masses are envisaged to live is where this vehicle will roam, and it will be hailed much like an Uber or Lyft is today. You call for one via an app on your "Black Mirror"-approved device and the vehicle is automatically sent to your location.

Because of the design, the Pop.Up can either arrive driving along the road on its four wheels or drop in from the sky using its rotors. Once you hop in, you'll soon be traveling along through traffic or you'll be soaring above it, depending on how busy things are and what the computer determines as the best route to your selected destination.

Think this sounds far fetched? Companies are already conducting real-world tests with rival designs.