BMW has just introduced a complete redesign for its 5-Series, though to the casual observer the differences between the new car and its predecessor will be hard to spot.

It appears the issue has not gone completely unnoticed at BMW as the automaker has released a video outlining the stylistic differences between the two—inside and out.

Of course, those in the know understand that the redesigned 5-Series is superior to its predecessor in virtually every quantifiable way. For example, the car’s M550i M Performance model already out-accelerates the last M5!

Most of the benefits are derived from the car’s lightweight platform. The lightest version of the car in the United States is the 530i model, which tips the scales at 3,746 pounds, or 137 lb less than the 528i that it replaces.

The redesigned 5-Series has been introduced as a 2017 model. The entry-level model is the 530i whose pricing starts at $52,195, including shipping.