Ford Performance and Ken Block have a symbiotic relationship. Ford provides him with race cars and the occasional other Ford product. Block drives the living daylights out of them, has his team create cool videos, and the two parties use said videos for awesome marketing campaigns. Ford gets views. Block has fun. Everyone is happy.

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The latest of those marketing videos is this all-too-short film of Block going all Shaun White in the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.

Block lives in Park City, Utah, and has a history of playing in the snow on a snowboard. Plus, he's used to going sideways and scrabbling for traction in his race cars, so sliding around on snow is practically his standard means of driving. Check out the video, and you'll see he's truly having fun. You'll soon find yourself wanting to drive the Raptor that way, too.

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You'll also wonder what the heck Ford is doing with a video that is just 36 seconds long. We could use another couple minutes of Block tearing around in the snow, jumping over drifts, and causing general mayhem in Ford's purpose-built off-road beast.

Hey Ford Performance and Mr. Block, I have an idea for "Gymkhana 10."


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