You probably know Ken Block because of his incredible driving skills depicted in the Gymkhana series. However, there’s much more to this multi-talented individual.

We’ve already outlined in detail his career in rallying, but four-wheel action only came later in his life. Before that there was the creation of the DC Shoes skateboarding apparel brand and before that was a keen interest in dirt bikes, skateboarding and snowboarding.

GoPro has a new video series focused on driven individuals and Block is the star of the first episode. The episode follows Block through a typical day at the headquarters of Hoonigan in Park City, Utah.

Hoonigan is Block’s latest venture. It’s much like DC Shoes but is targeted at automotive enthusiasts. It also includes the Hoonigan Racing Division which fields the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Focus RS-based rally car that Block competes with in the World Rallycross Championship.

The video is well worth the watch even if you’ve never heard of Block previously or aren’t really a fan. It shows what’s possible if you have clear goals and the drive to reach them.