Volkswagen has some skilled interns. Every year, a team of in-house trainees work together to create something special for the annual VW event at Wörthersee. This year, however, it's a pair of former VW interns that have put their skills to good use. French students Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux created a vehicle that only exists as a design study at the moment, but they feel it could be the right machine to help the German automaker expand in the Australian market.

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It's called the Varok, and this concept is a blend between a shooting brake and the beloved ute. If you're not aware, a ute is essentially a car-based pickup like our old Chevrolet El Camino or Ford Ranchero. A shooting brake is a two-door wagon. So to combine the two, the students have created their Varok concept with a truck-like bed that can be covered up to turn the vehicle into a wagon.

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It's certainly a cool-looking machine. It's almost Audi-esque up front, and that could be a nice styling direction for Volkswagen to examine. Regardless, don't hold your breath for such a vehicle to actually take shape or to come to the United States if it does. It's a very cool concept, and it will probably remain just that.


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