You're caning your Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Focus ST on your favorite local race track.

This could be your best lap time yet, but you don't really have an easy way of knowing this. You could invest tons of money into track data tools, or you could just grab the new Ford Performance App.

Leveraging the capability of modern smartphones, Ford has created an app that handles data logging, analysis, and can even capture video. It works with the Sync 3 system and lets drivers monitor all of the data they wish to examine after a good day spent at the race track.

Per Ford, the app will allow you to bring up multiple viewing modes for the data tracking. You can set course overlays and even pop virtual gauges onto the display screen. Plus all of the data is easily shareable so you can quickly brag to your friends when you beat their best times.

Ford says the app will launch in 2017 alongside the forthcoming Ford GT. After that, it will filter out to the other performance vehicles in the family. This is a smart way to get the attention of track rats seeking new rides. Sure, you have the Performance Data Recorder in the Corvette, but this seems like a smarter solution as the camera and capabilities on a modern phone are going to be better and easier to work with.

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