Somewhere in the U.K., a group of Mercedes-Benz employees has learned just how much of a threat electric-car maker Tesla poses.

Except in this case, the threat was literal.

The video above shows the immediate aftermath of a Tesla Model S 70D that apparently left the road, jumped a hedge, rode completely over the top of the newest Mercedes E-Class diesel sedan, and smashed into a dealership that sells the German luxury cars.

WARNING: This video contains language that is probably NSFW, depending on the nature of your workplace.

Posted just today, the crash damage appears pretty severe on both cars. The Tesla's airbags have gone off, and it's sitting low enough that its air suspension may have deflated.

The video is mildly ironic, given that Green Car Reports wrote just today about German automakers waking up to the threat posed by the sleek, fast, and expensive Tesla electric cars.

"I'm actually speechless," says one of the several men audible in the video.

We understand.

Meanwhile, we'll add more details on this incident if we get them.

[hat tip: John Briggs]

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