If you research the topic on YouTube, riding on two wheels in a car is seemingly the normal way to commute on the highways in the Middle East. Still, those Middle Easterners who do this so-called side-wheelie aren't seeking to set new speed records. Instead, it's more about just keeping the shiny side of the car shiny. Not so for Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki, who just set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest speed for a car on two wheels.

In the accompanying video, you'll see Kivimäki's record run. On a set of Nokian tires, Kivimäki sets off down an airport runway and gets the car up on two wheels with the help of a ramp. Once into the side wheelie position, he mashes the throttle and accelerates. After gathering some speed, he begins his run. Kivimäki covers a measured 100 meters, the strained sidewalls spitting smoke, and crosses the finish line with an average speed of 115.7 mph. The run was sponsored and Kivimäki's car festooned with ad banners top, side, and bottom.

The previous record was set 19 years ago in a Volvo 850. It was set by a Swedish driver who hit 112.6 mph with a flying start. Kivimäki set his record in a diesel BMW 330. Kivimäki stated that this was a goal of his since he was six years old.

I just wanted to eat candy when I was six...and like Kivimäki, I too achieved my goals.