You’ll soon be able to buy a new DeLorean DMC-12 that’s virtually identical to the original of the 1980s.

There’s a company in Humble, Texas by the name of DeLorean Motor Company that plans to build the cars and expects to start deliveries in 2017. It recently started accepting pre-orders via its website.

The new DMC bears no relation to the original that went bust in 1982, but it does have some of the original firm's leftover parts, enough to build around 300 cars. The reason the new DMC can build the cars is due to the passing of the $305 billion highway bill in 2015.

Included was the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015 that allows small manufacturers (less than 5,000 cars annually) to construct up to 325 replicas per year of car models over 25 years of age. Previously, replica builders were subject to the same regulatory burdens as the automakers that mass-produce cars.

Because the list of features is still being finalized, DMC isn’t mentioning a price tag just yet. However, the company has previously offered fully restored original DMC-12s for prices starting at $65,500. The new cars will be mostly hand-made and DMC says it expects to build them at the rate of just one per month initially, ramping up to one car per week by the end of the second year of production.