Jeep is looking to expand its small SUV reach, and to that end it's being reported that the automaker is looking to introduce a newcomer to the lineup.

According to Autocar, Jeep boss Mike Manley has explained that he's quite confident that a pint-sized SUV will be an important place for Jeep in the future. This is where a smaller Jeep can do battle with the likes of the Nissan Juke, plus a number of other offerings we don't see here in the States.

Currently, the smallest Jeep is the Renegade. It was designed for the 2015 model year, and it rides on a platform shared with the Fiat 500X. This is a strong selling vehicle for Jeep because it's available all around the world. It's designed to accommodate a number of gearbox and engine configurations to make it appealing to the market in which it's being sold.

A Jeep below the Renegade can open up Jeep sales further. There is talk of a tiny Jeep being prepped by Jeep of India, but Autocar reports that it's not clear if this is simply an Indian-market specific machine or it's going to be adapted for use around the globe.

Regardless, it would be quite fun to have a truly small Jeep that's also ready to hit the trails. We'll take a modern Samurai in Trailhawk trim, thank you.