Well, at least they call it a behind-the-scenes look. This is more of a quick peek at why Pennzoil came out to the Northern Canadian Rockies to sling a BMW M6 coupe around on the ice and snow. I'm not complaining because you get a few more beauty shots of a fun car doing awesome things, but you also get what is essentially a commercial for Pennzoil.

The main gist here is that Pennzoil needed somewhere very cold. That's because it wanted to show that it's synthetic oil is fully capable of handling the wickedly cold temps you find in the far north of Canada. In fact, the video shows that the Pennzoil stuff pours freely while some standard stuff looks like honey.

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To be fair, Pennzoil picked its own 0W synthetic oil and compared it to some 20W conventional oil. Of course it's going to look like that when it's 14 degrees outside. Regardless, it's just cool to see a BMW sliding and drifting on a road (among other places) where you don't expect it. The main takeaway here is that Rhys Millen is pretty awesome and can really handle a car.

If you still need more BMW ice-road truckers action, take a look at the 360-degree video that Pennzoil released: