Motorsports has evolved considerably from whence it started.

That's a massive understatement, of course, but the point is to get you thinking about what racing was like in the old days. You can jump back a decade to when Formula One cars packed insane powertrains. Go further and you'll find Group B rally cars that shook the racing world to its knees. Keep moving backward in time and eventually you'll wind up in the late '50s and early '60s. You're now ready to take a peek at the open-wheeled world through a camera lens of the era.

A 1962 British documentary titled Audition for Racing Drivers has surfaced on YouTube and shows a handful of young men all competing for a job that most of us dream about. At the Jim Russell Driving School, the drivers are sent out onto the track to show off their talents for Reg Parnell. He's going to select one of them for a position, and the winner also gets to hop behind the wheel of a brand-new Bowmaker Cooper race car.

The driver getting the winning nod? A young Irishman by the name of Henry Morrogh. He went on to do some great things later in life, but for now we can see how he started.

Thanks for the tip, Kirk Blake-Dickson!