This video clip is your 1990s dream car wall poster come to life. On the Japanese show Best Motoring, the team managed to wrangle a truly awesome array of machines for a flat-out track battle. The location? The famed Tsukuba Circuit in Shimotsuma. The cars? How about a Ferrari F40, a Ferrari 456GT, a Honda NSX Type-R, a Ruf CTR Porsche, a pair of modified Toyota Supras, a 930 Porsche 911 Turbo, and a first-generation Dodge Viper.

That's a crazy lineup for one video.

Best Motoring 1990s supercar battle

Best Motoring 1990s supercar battle

But that's what Best Motoring did, and the show didn't have to hold back on the driving, either. As Road & Track points out, you can clearly see the NSX dive bomb the Ferrari F40 in one corner. In another, one of the Supra drivers puts at least two wheels off. You can hear the turbo whistling, so perhaps the off-track excursion was caused by the car putting down power in wicked ways.

This video was cool when it originally aired, and it's still pretty darn incredible today. It's rare that cars get workouts like this in private, never mind with cameras rolling. The drivers provide a bit of commentary while driving, too, demonstrating the level of talent that Best Motoring employed.

Which car won this race? We'll leave that up to you to discover. Click on the video to find out.

Best Motoring ran from 1987 up until 2011. Thankfully, its glorious clips remain alive on the Internet. Make your kids watch these instead of the junk that's currently occupying your television.


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