We have a scintilla of evidence that the mid-engine 2019 C8 Corvette may actually be a thing. The engineers at Katech might have just outed the powertrain and other details including its name.

Quick refresher: Katech used to work on the engines for Corvette Racing before General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] brought that venture in-house. So, you might say Katech has a history with the Corvette and knows a thing or two about what's going on with it.

GM Inside News noticed that Katech's website suddenly has a landing page for the 2018+ Corvette ZR1/Zora LT5, where the above image comes from (the page has since been removed). Naturally, the question is: What does Katech know that we don't?

This may give the mid-engine Corvette thing even more legs. Let's run down all the things that have happened as of late that point to this being the real deal, shall we?

We've spied what appeared to be the C8, and it definitely has mid-engine proportions.

General Motors is dumping $290 million into the Corvette plant for upgrades. You can bet those upgrades aren't for the current C7 Stingray.

GM trademarked the ZR1 moniker, again.

GM trademarked the Zora moniker.

Plus, we've heard GM engineers say they've reached the point where more power won't make a better Corvette; it's already fist-fighting physics to put its power down. Have you driven a Z06 lately? We may have reached the limit of what a front-engine rear-wheel-drive Corvette can do.

Word has it that the C8 mid-engine Corvette will make its debut at the 2018 Detroit auto show, which is exactly five years after the C7 Stingray made its debut at the same show.

So, will the C8 Corvette be named the ZR1 or Zora and be powered by an LT5 V-8? There was always a decent chance that could happen and Katech might've just confirmed it. Accidentally, of course.