Your wheels, they occupy the corners of your car. Sometimes you might want those corners to be a bit further apart from how the car left the factory. You corner hard and you want to maximize the capability of your machine. It sounds like a set of wheel spacers are on your automotive shopping list.

Of course, there are more reasons you might want wheel spacers, and our friend at Engineering Explained has prepped a video walking you through all of this. There's the aforementioned wider track, which helps with load transfer. You could want to fit wider wheels on your car, change your offset, or fit a larger set of brakes. All of this is made possible with a set of spacers.

Now, it's not as simple as slapping your new bit of kit together and calling it a job well done. There are pluses and minuses here, and many things to consider when moving to an aftermarket setup that changes your suspension geometry and handling. For example, you're potentially creating greater wear on a number of parts as well. Still, when done right you can increase the performance level of your car.

Click play on that video above and learn more about the world of wheel spacers and adapters.


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