A reboot of the "Ghostbusters" franchise is headed to theaters soon, and instead of dusting off the classic (and rather iconic) 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance that was such an integral part of the original film, this latest installment updates things in a somewhat surprising direction.

The new Ecto-1 is a 1984 Cadillac DeVille. Yes, it's a rather unusual choice, but it does fit with the filmmakers' premise that the ghostbusters themselves picked it up on the cheap. Today, a '59 Caddy would set you back some serious dough, while a tired, well-used '84 might only require you to dig through the couch cushions. 

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Ahead of the film's release to theaters, Sony Pictures Entertainment has plenty to tell us about how they found and built the new four-wheeled movie star. Just like the film itself, which trades Dan Akyroyd and company for an all-female leading lineup, Ecto-1 is a lot different in 2016 than it was back in 1984. And if you do the math, a 1984 Cadillac in 2016 is actually older than a '59 Caddy in 1984.

Check out the video for the inside scoop direct from director Paul Feig and sound off in the comments section below about what you think about the latest Ghostbusters: Ghastly or great? 


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