Seeing any Bugatti Veyron—heck, any Bugatti—on a public road will induce a double take, but the one-off collaboration between the automaker and the French artist Bernar Venet? Well, that's essentially unheard of.

Car spotter Jeroen, a popular YouTuber with an uncanny ability to stumble across the rarest and most unique cars in the world, happened across the outlandish Bugatti Grand Sport Venet while at work, of all places.

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Jeroen gives us a lengthy walk around the supercar, a model that Bugatti billed as the "fastest artwork ever."

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet

Dozens of math and scientific formulas—the very same used by the Bugatti engineers when they developed the Veyron—cover the car in a finish similar to that of rusted metal. A common theme of Venet’s art, rusted metal conveys a sense of industrial permanence, according to the artist.

Venet is a conceptual artist based in New York who was tapped by Bugatti back in 2012 to create a special edition of the already rather unique Veyron. The car was exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach when it was first unveiled and has popped up here and there since. It is not known who the Veyron's current owner is, although Jeroen spotted the car in the Netherlands.

Jeroen tells us that the Grand Sport Venet was brought to the Netherlands for the official introduction of the new Bugatti Chiron to the market.