It appears Romania has its own Evel Knievel.

A driver in the town of Braila in the country’s east is lucky to be alive after falling asleep behind the wheel and crashing into a roundabout.

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Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, his car literally flies through the air after coming into contact with the roundabout due to the ramp-like edge of its center island.

Driver dazed but unharmed

The driver, 22, was dazed but unharmed when rescuers found him. It’s likely his car sustained some serious damage, though. In this video from the BBC pieces of debris are seen splintering from the car as it takes flight.'

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And in addition to a damaged car, the driver is facing charges for reckless driving and the potential loss of his license.

As some solace, his antics will probably entertain many for years to come in YouTube fail videos.


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