Although about 400,000 people have already raised their hands to buy the not-yet-on-sale Tesla Model 3, company founder Elon Musk has an even wider audience in mind for his company's next act.

Speaking last week at the Future Transport Solutions conference in Norway, a small market that has nonetheless proven strong for Tesla thanks to eco-oriented policy initiatives, Musk said that "almost everyone will be able to afford" the next Tesla to follow the Model 3. You can hear the comment for yourself about 12 minutes in to this 35-minute video.

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That's not to say that we know anything about what Tesla has in mind for its fourth-generation model, but it is now safe to speculate that the company will move downmarket. The Model 3, which is anticipated to arrive late next year, should sticker for around $35,000 to start. 

Average new car transaction prices are a hair shy of $34,000, meaning the Model 3 already starts right in the heart of the market. A lower price tag would, of course, open up a new model to a wider market—and a more global one.

Autoblog, meanwhile, points out that Musk may not even be in charge of Tesla by the time the brand's fifth electric car hits the market. The outspoken executive has indicated that while he intends to remain closely involved with Tesla, he doesn't plan to be in charge of the company for the long run.


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