Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum took to Twitter yesterday to explain he was misquoted in a recent Automotive News article that claimed he had ruled out Jaguar ever launching another wagon.

In his Tweet, Callum said he had simply stated there would be no wagon based on the XE, as opposed to stating there would no new wagons from Jaguar at all.

The latest comments suggest there might be a new wagon in Jaguar’s future with the most likely scenario being a second-generation XF Sportbake.

Sportbrake is the term Jaguar started using for wagons when the original XF Sportbrake debuted in 2012. The handsome longroof was never offered in the United States though we hope any successor does make it over. Recall, we did get Jaguar's first wagon, the X-Type Sportwagon.

As for why Jaguar won’t offer a wagon based on the smaller XE, Callum previously stated that Europe is the only major market for wagons and even there demand is decreasing as buyers flock to SUVs.


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