BMW has been cranking out its X1 compact crossover since 2009, when it debuted for the 2010 model year.

The X1 has proven exceedingly popular as global sales of the model have topped 800,000 units. Over 200,000 of those sales came by way of the Chinese market, and it's where BMW will launch a stretched version of the new, second-generation X1.

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The long-wheelbase model was unveiled earlier today at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. The idea here is to give rear seat passengers more room. Long-wheelbase vehicles do that well, and that allows them to find eager buyers in China. The long-wheelbase X1 will be built in China at the BMW Brilliance plant in Shenyang.

Chinese BMW customers can choose one of three powertrain options for the long-wheelbase X1. It will be offered with a 136-horsepower 3-cylinder, a 192-hp 4-cylinder, or a 231-hp 4-cylinder engine. BMW will also offer the stretched X1 in xLine or Sport Line variants. Both front- and all-wheel drive will be offered.

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How much longer is the longer X1? BMW has stretched the crossover by 3.1 inches in length. There's an additional 0.8 in of width and another 1.6 in added to the height.

Considering how well the X1 has already sold in China, the longer wheelbase version should prove to be quite a hit. Add in a bit of nationalistic love when you consider the vehicle is built in China, and that should help seal the purchase decision even more.

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