What's believed to be 50 motorists blocked traffic on California's busiest bridge Sunday evening so they could burn rubber in a rather unique setting.

Of course, what they did is completely illegal and inconsiderate, as it blocked traffic for up to a mile, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. However, no arrests have been made, least none yet.

The blockage occurred just after 6 p.m. last Sunday night near the Bay Bridge's Yerba Buena Tunnel. The California Highway Patrol says that about five cars served as blockades for the illegal stunt show. Around 50 cars were involved overall, however. 

Instagram user bayareamovement posted a video of a black Pontiac GTO doing donuts on the bridge, though the account says it was merely reposting someone else's video. 

The CHP has apparently been able to get at least one of the cars' license plates, and they say they are now investigating.

The black Pontiac GTO in the video does not appear to have a license plate. It isn't possible to determine if the Buick LaCrosse or any of the other cars in the video have plates, either.

The understood social contract should prevent this type of behavior. Then again, if Chris Christie can do it, why can't a bunch of hooligans? In both instances, those responsible should be held accountable.


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