Ordinarily, simply being located in New Jersey might be enough to turn off buyers.

Of course, when a house comes with a mysterious "Watcher" who sends letters asking whether the new owners "have found what's inside the walls yet," and makes pleas for "young blood," it can also turn off some prospective residents. And that's why The Washington Post recently reported a certain house in the Garden State is back on the market.

The current owners never even moved in. Here's what else happened this week:

  • The friendly rivalry between Mercedes and Audi owners is based on the fact that neither can afford to maintain their cars out of warranty. That said, MBWorld got a kick out of this Q5 falling off a building.
  • Generally, when you're driving spiritedly, any interaction with the boys in blue is going to be a big bummer. But the lads on JaguarForums are sharing stories about when it actually went bloody great.
  • Right out of the box, the Corvette ZR1 is a tire-destroying, 638-horsepower monster. But there's no kill like overkill, which is why a beautiful maniac on CorvetteForum is building a 1,000-hp track demon.
  • Riders on HDForums might not dig wearing helmets, but they realize hitting the highway is dangerous. Regardless, they think most crashes, like this one caught on a dash cam, can be avoided.
  • On Ford-Trucks, folks threw a fit when the Blue Oval announced it'd start making their beloved F-150 out of aluminum. Recently, the editors wanted to see if tempers had cooled in the year-plus since. 

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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