...but should you? If we could make the title of this piece a little longer, those are the words we'd add. Yes, the second generation Chevrolet Corvette is one of the great all-time automotive designs. It's an icon, and Larry Shinoda deserves our unending love and respect. He crafted a design that worked perfectly for the platform presented to him. Time marches on, though, and the Corvette has evolved all the way through to its seventh generation. It's the C6 we're chatting about here today.

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A company called Karl Kustom Corvettes, based in Iowa, wants to turn your C6 Vette into the throwback to the C2. They take a C6 and strip the body away. Then they apply a custom C2-inspired body which hides the more modern bits underneath its skin. Sounds like a recipe for greatness, no?

Chevrolet Corvette Modifed By Karl Kustoms

Chevrolet Corvette Modifed By Karl Kustoms

No. It doesn't quite work out when all is said and done. While the craftsmanship looks great, the actual styling of the car itself leaves a bit to be desired. The proportions aren't the same. In some angles it's close, like a tight rear three-quarter view, but in most others it comes off a bit like a squashed version of Shinoda's dream machine.

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These cars don't come cheap. On the For Sale section of the Karl Kustom website, we've found a few examples that range in price from about $110,000 to nearly $170,000. The more expensive version is packing a 630-horsepower supercharged LS7, though, and that looks good to us no matter under what hood it resides.


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