A Huracán Road Trip To Take In The Super Trofeo World Finals

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Two of the greatest words when paired together are “police escort”. On their own they can conjure up quite different emotions, but when placed side by side and in front of the phrase “while you drive this Lamborghini Huracán," add up to an absolutely brilliant sentence. Allow me to back up for a moment, as I have to explain how I found myself in this glorious position.

Lamborghini has spent the last few years running racing versions of its road cars in the Blancpain-sponsored Super Trofeo series. It all started back in 2009, when Gallardo coupes were transformed into true race cars over in Europe. A few years later, the Asian version of Super Trofeo got underway. Recently, Lamborghini expanded the series to North America.

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The series has now evolved to feature the Huracán Super Trofeo and expanded to see over 80 cars all vying for Bull-based glory. It all culminates in the Super Trofeo World Finals, which brings together the best drivers from all three international Super Trofeo groups. This year's World Finals recently unfolded over the iconic bumps of Sebring.

Lamborghini Road Trip

Lamborghini Road Trip

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That’s how I found myself sitting in Miami with the keys to a 2016 Huracán. My destination lied 170 miles away, and I had 601 horsepower on tap which doles itself out through all four wheels in order to live up to its LP 610-4 badging. The roads between my starting position and desired destination were straight, flat, and rather boring, even when behind the wheel of a machine designed to eliminate boring from one’s life.

I discovered a new way to eliminate potential boredom on the road, however, and it involved red and blue lights. For once in my life, they were not behind me but placed a few cars ahead of my own. The Florida State Patrol was leading a colorful convoy of Huracáns, and all the colors of the rainbow were properly represented. In fact, I think Lamborghini invented a few new shades just for this occasion.

Lamborghini Road Trip

Lamborghini Road Trip

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The idea of the police convoy wasn’t to allow us the opportunity to experience Florida’s gator-filled Everglades at triple digit speeds. Instead, they joined us to provide a clear path that allowed us to reach the racing action on time. Additionally, the security company that organized the po-po protection also served as a sort of basic security force for the cars whenever we stopped along the way. After all, eight Lamborghini coupes racing across the middle of Florida are bound to attract attention that varies from “mildly interested onlooker” to “perhaps you should take a step back sir.”

Our Bullish noses were pointed to the North and to the West, as that’s where Sebring lied. The sky ahead of us was uncharacteristically ominous. Florida didn’t want us to abuse its roadways, even if we had the long arm of the law playing the position of lead blocker. Light gray skies slid down the color spectrum to darker gray skies and the world above us began to pour down with an almost detectable level of malice.

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