Paul Walker’s father, Paul William Walker III, has sued Porsche for the 2013 accident that killed the Fast and the Furious star and his friend Roger Rodas. Walker III is the executor of the late actor’s estate and sued the German sports car marque on Wednesday for negligence and wrongful death.

The new lawsuit follows similar suits filed against Porsche by Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker and Roger Rodas’ wife Kristine Rodas. Porsche has sought to dismiss the lawsuits, none of which have been set for trial.

Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by Rodas on November 30, 2013. Investigators determined the car was traveling at speeds in excess of 90 mph in a 45-mph zone before it struck a tree and a street light and eventually caught fire. The investigators also concluded that it was unsafe speed and not mechanical problems that caused the accident.

Walker III’s lawsuit makes similar claims to the previous suits filed against Porsche. It alleges that the Carrera GT lacked safety features that could have prevented the accident or, at a minimum, allowed the actor to survive it. Some of the features mentioned include a stability control system, side-door reinforcements and a breakaway fuel line to help prevent the car from catching fire after an impact.

The suit also blames the seat belt design. It alleges that it trapped Walker after the crash and that the actor was still alive until the vehicle caught fire one minute and twenty seconds after the initial impact.

Porsche is yet to comment on the latest lawsuit but has previously said that the car Walker died in had been “abused and altered” and that the risks “were open and obvious” to the actor. The automaker concluded that Walker, by his actions, was responsible for his own death.


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