To put it mildly, the 601-horsepower Lamborghini Huracán isn't exactly slow out of the box. 

But after the mad scientists at Underground Racing work their magic on the 5.2-liter V-10, the performance goes completely ballistic. With the help of the company's twin-turbo X package, power climbs to an astronomical 2,100 horsepower, which was enough to set a new half-mile record at the recent Texas Invitational.

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The previous record was an impressive 234.86 mph—which was also set using an Underground Racing-prepped Lamborghini—but the North Carolina outfit's latest effort was able to best it, ripping down the airstrip and hitting a terminal velocity of 238.6 mph. Given the insane speed, you really have to wonder why the car isn't sporting a parachute.

Check out the video above for some footage of the shakedown runs and a couple of drag races, and watch the record-setting run in the video below.  

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