The Ring Brothers have been churning out some of the greatest custom cars in the world lately. They're always high-horsepower builds with serious attention to detail, and they're built in a shop run by two brothers who don't take themselves quite so seriously. Exhibit A would be their custom 900-horsepower party RV built earlier in the year. The duo have arrived in Jay Leno's Garage and this time around they've brought out their carbon fiber-bodied 1965 Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang.

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It's called Espionage, and for good reason. The carbon fiber has been painted over so you don't know exactly what you're seeing. Every body panel is made from the strong lightweight material, and the doors and fenders pop out two inches wider on each side compared to a stock Mustang. The greenhouse is the same, so the original glass can be used, but the overall effect is that of a wide-body car without the need for tacked on fender flares.

Under the hood lies a supercharged 416 cubic-inch crate motor from, ahem, Chevrolet—yes, Chevy. It's apparently good for 950 horsepower, and Jay and the Ring Brothers put that to good use at the end of this episode.


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