The things that Koenigsegg comes up with for its cars is usually nothing short of amazing. Be it the power, design, or just outright speed, the cars are remarkable works of both science and art. The automaker has recently refurbished its Ängelholm facility in Sweden to include a prototype workshop. There it can develop future vehicles and technology, and it's already ready to show off the first bit of that new tech. It's called Autoskin, and it's premiering on the Regera hybrid supercar.

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By utilizing the existing hydraulic systems in the car, Koenigsegg was able to remove the gas struts normally required to hold the hood and engine cover in place. Now the hydraulic systems can open the hood, engine cover, and both doors as well. The Autoskin system takes it a step further, however, because the entire system can be controlled remotely.

This means a Regera owner can open up their car to the world with the press of a button. You don't need anyone putting their dirty hands on your car if you want to show off the engine bay. Your date won't have to open their door, as the owner can do it for them. It's a pretty slick system that actually keeps the vehicle nice and clean by keeping hands off of it.

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Since Koenigsegg is serious about maximizing weight savings, it's no surprise that there's not a major penalty for such a system. This Autoskin show-off tech adds just over 11 pounds to the car. This includes the safety sensors that make sure body panels and doors aren't opening into things. The moving panels can be stopped by pressure from a person, and they can also sense if there's an object in the way of the opening and closing paths.

Set the car into "Show Mode" and it opens everything up. It might not be the most practical use of the new prototype facility, but it certainly looks damn cool. Hell, maybe Koenigsegg can claim this is dirt deflection technology simply because you don't have to touch the car anymore to gain access to its cabin, storage, and engine areas. In that case, we take it back. Autoskin is excellent.


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