Hennessey just upped power on its Venom GT to a staggering 1,451 horsepower, and as hard as it is to believe the company says an even more potent model, the Venom F5, is coming soon. It turns out, though, that Hennessey has even grander plans for its Lotus-based supercar.

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Speaking with Top Gear the magazine, Hennessey president and founder John Hennessey said his company is looking at an all-electric version of the car possibly with as much as 1,000 hp on tap.

“We’re considering doing something with electricity,” Hennessey said. “We’ve looked at it and I’ve got friends in that field.”

Hennessey went on to explain that current battery technology would have to improve, particularly in the areas of capacity and weight, before an electric Venom GT could be launched. But he said he thinks that such a day isn’t too far away.

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Interestingly, Hennessey also said he had no interest in launching a hybrid Venom GT, though he commended Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche for having done a great job in developing their respective hybrid supercars and proving that the concept works.


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