Do you remember the $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport? That supercar created by W Motors that later found its way into the last Fast and Furious film. The person behind the supercar's lines is designer Anthony Jannarelly, who is now responsible for the shape of a brand new machine. This one, however, is designed to get dirty.

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It's called the Zarooq Sand Racer, and it's essentially the Middle East's answer to our Local Motors Rally Fighter. We're dealing with a vehicle designed to tackle sandy dunes with ease and speed. The specs for the as-yet produced vehicle state that it will have suspension capable of 13-18 inches of travel, a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that's good for 300-500 horsepower, and a curb weight of just over 2,000 pounds.

That's a recipe for success in our book, and we hope to see it come to fruition. Additionally, the name is pretty cool as it comes from the Schokari Sand Racer snake, which can apparently hit speeds of up to 10 mph over the hot sand. That's fast, especially if you've found one chasing you. Hopefully the Zarooq Sand Racer can live up to its namesake.

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