• Zarooq SandRacer 500 GT

    Dubai-based Zarooq came out in 2015 with its Rally Fighter-esque SandRacer high-speed off-roader. Since then the company has been developing the car, and on Tuesday it announced that the final design and specifications have been locked in and that production will soon start. The ethos of the SandRacer is a high-performance vehicle that’s equally at home running up sand dunes or carving up a race track. Its aggressive lines were penned by the same person responsible for the W Motors Lykan Hypersport and Jannarelly Design-1. It can be lowered and fitted with aero elements for the race...

  • 2016 Zarooq Sand Racer
    Zarooq Sand Racer: Soccer Moms Need Not Apply

    If you’re in the camp that thinks Lamborghini’s Urus concept, which previews the Italian marque’s upcoming SUV, is just a little too road-oriented, then perhaps you’ll be interested in a little company by the name of Zarooq. The company’s first product is the Sand...

  • Zarooq Sand Racer
    Zarooq Sand Racer Is Middle East's Answer To The Rally Fighter

    Do you remember the $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport? That supercar created by W Motors that later found its way into the last Fast and Furious film. The person behind the supercar's lines is designer Anthony Jannarelly, who is now responsible for the shape of a brand new machine. This one, however...

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