Remember this past August when the Tesla Model S broke Consumer Reports' own 100-point scale during testing? The Model S P85D tested received a score of 103 points as it reportedly set new benchmarks in several areas.

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Consumer Reports also looks at the reliability of vehicles, and this is done in a separate assessment of customer data, from the organization's annual auto survey. And this time the Model S didn't fare nearly as well.

The Model S falls into the "Not Recommended" category with regards to reliability. This result comes by way of the numerous issues that existing Model S owners have with their cars. The body squeaks; brake rotors warp; those fancy door handles can act up; and all of the new technology can be a bit of an issue at times for Model S drivers.

Still, as a testament to how good the car is otherwise, owner satisfaction with Tesla remains remarkably high. Among those surveyed, 97 percent said they would buy another Tesla Model S. Additionally, it seems that Tesla responds favorably quick when a car does have an issue.

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The fun take away from all of this is that as rabidly brand-proud as Model S owners can be, it's by their own admission of the current Model S problems that cause the poor reliability rating with Consumer Reports. It's not enough to sway them from buying another car though, and it does seem that Tesla works aggressively to work with owners to fix an issue that arises.

As Tesla introduces more models and sells in higher volumes, it will be interesting to see if a wider customer base is as forgiving or if the existing issues become a thing of the past.


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