For years now, Jeep has been teasing the idea of a resurrected Wrangler pickup. We last had a Jeep pickup truck in 1992 before Chrysler decided to sunset the Comanche. That truck was based on the Cherokee, and before that Jeep also offered the Gladiator and the CJ-8, which is often referred to as the Scrambler. Jeep has chosen not to build a pickup since, even though the demand might be there.

Well, according to Automotive News (subscription required), now the time might be right.

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Jeep has a few new or updated products in the works, and it appears that a Wrangler-based pickup is on the list. The next-generation Jeep Wrangler is ready to arrive in 2017, and it's apparently going to drop some weight thanks to an aluminum hood, rear gate, and doors. The excellent ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox will find its way under the skin of the Wrangler, as will the long-awaited diesel engine option that should become available in 2018.

The pickup body style is still being mulled over, but it appears that it's likely to move forward. It should be based on the new Wrangler, and it means folks won't have to spend many of their dollars to get an aftermarket version. Truck and trail fans, it seems it's nearly time to praise the gods of dirt because your Jeep pickup may be coming.


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