So you've seen those pictures of the new Ford GT. You've read the specs. You've saved up some coin. This is your dream car and you're going to make sure you put one in your driveway. It's nearly time to place that order, and the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] isn't messing around with the process this time around. These are going to be pricey machines, and Ford is making sure you're well taken care of when it comes time to place your order.

According to Road & Track, Ford is implementing a Ferrari-esque take for those who are interested in purchasing the car. Anyone can apply, but prior GT owners and loyal fans of the brand will get priority. Remember, only around 250 are planned per year, each with an estimated price of $400k. Those selected to move forward with the purchase will receive a vehicle personalized to their liking. It sounds like Ford will tailor the car to the desires of the new owner.

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We hope this means that Ford wants those who are actually interested in the car to scoop them up first. As opposed to those looking to flip the first batch for many fistfuls of the quick dollar. If you walk through a process and make the car your own, it seemingly shows that you have a desire to hold onto that car for a bit before it winds up with a different name on the title or crossing a high-profile auction stage.

The process should get started sometime early next year.


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