Bringing the heat. That seems to be what Honda hopes to do with some of its upcoming products, and it's trying to prove that point in a new 90-second spot titled Ignition. It's a commercial that manages to convey a majority of the company's powerful, innovative, or new machines in one rather retro-futuristically stylized piece.

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Up front you have Asimo robot leading the charge, and he's flanked by a pair of riders on CBR motorcycles. Just behind the bikes sits a father driving his kids in the new HR-V. A Civic Type R blows fire just to the rear of the compact crossover, and further back sits a clearly ready to pounce Acura NSX. Inside the NSX cabin, the driver admires a picture of the original while the voice of Ayrton Senna fills your speakers.

The camera continues back to reveal pilots powering up a HondaJet. Finally, the rear section of this crew is taken up by a pair of Formula One race cars, one of them with Jenson Button behind the wheel. It's clear this group is ready to blast off into orbit, and it sends a strong message as to where Honda sees the direction of its brands and products. You're left with a tagline of "Dare to do what others only dream of", which is as strong a statement as the visuals in the spot.

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