According to the just and wise Harry Hogge, crew chief of Cole Trickle's Chevrolet Lumina race team in the 1990 motion picture "Days of Thunder," rubbin' is racin'. Well, that may often be the case in the gold ol' US of A, but the Germans aren't too fond of that adage.

On the last lap of Sunday's Red Bull Ring DTM race, Audi driver Timo Scheider bumped into the back of Mercedes driver Robert Wickens, pushing him into his teammate Pascal Wehrlein, knocking both Mercedes drivers into the kitty litter and allowing Scheider to pass. The move occurred on Turn 3 of the last lap and moved Sheider up to a sixth-place finish. Both Dale Earnhardt and Rowdy Burns would have been proud.

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The controversy is easy to see. First, the move looked intentional. Second, Scheider received a radio call saying "schieb ihn raus" in German, which translates to "push him out." That call was broadcast on live television, but Scheider says he didn't hear it.

For now, the move is under investigation. If the spirits of Earnhardt and Burns have anything to do with the decision, it will be deemed a good move. Until then, you'll just have to enjoy the simplicity of the move on video.


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